Pam Snyder Twig Patio Set with Sealer

It was wonderful helping Pam with her gorgeous set of furniture. The setting she has for the furniture makes it look like it is fit for a royal family. 

Pam was not able to get her son to help unload on the day the furniture was to arrive at her place, so I arranged for the truck to come a day later and all worked out perfectly for Pam.

If you examine the pictures you can see Pam’s furniture was sealed with a clear sealer.

Pam was so grateful that she wanted to send a picture of her furniture.  This is what Pam thought of her experience purchasing her furniture with us at Twig Factory. 

I want to let you know how much I love it. The craftmanship is amazing!!

Thank you so much for everything,  from the piece itself to friendly communication, to the timely manner in construction and shipping.  You have been a pleasure to work with.  Stay safe and virus free!!”

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Elizabeth Beall Santa Fe Slat Twig Patio Set

Elizabeth, who lives in Santa Fe NM, called for an order of furniture for her empty patio. She had a problem that was not unique to Twig Factory.

Her house was on a narrow street that would not allow trucks to enter. I told her that I would look for a location that a truck could unload a pallet. After searching I found a place a few miles from her house.

It worked out well because it was an established trucking firm and it meant that Elizabeth did not have to time it so she was there the same time as the trucker.

Elizabeth was so pleased, not only with the service, but with the beautiful furniture, as you can see from the picture, that a week later she placed another order.

From Elizabeth:

I picked up the twig furniture today.  I love, love, love it! It’s absolutely perfect and exactly what I was wanting. 

In fact, I think I am going to order a couple more pieces for my front porch! Will you be available tomorrow for me to place a second order? 

If you look at Elizabeth’s furniture you can see it has a rich darker look. This is our Linseed oil sealer.

You can see her furniture comes under our “slat furniture” tab. This is a special process we use where we take the willow branch and split it to form a smooth surface.

We at Twig Factory enjoy helping our customers and it gives us pleasure to know they love their furniture.

Really loving the first set- even though they didn’t really need any for comfort at all, I had some decorative seat cushions made.

They seriously are the most comfortable outdoor furniture ever with or without cushions!

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How To Make Your Garden Patriotic


Millions of Americans identify themselves as being patriotic; in fact, a recent study found that over 50% of Americans say that they are extremely proud to be American. If you are a patriot who wants to add some American pride to their garden, you are in the right place. From investing in quality American made furniture to embracing national symbols, there are lots of ways to make your garden more patriotic – but that isn't all. Expertly crafted wooden furniture will also look like a work of art, helping to add beauty and style to your garden.

Here are two simple ways to add some US pride to your garden.

Invest In US Made Furniture

A significant way to add a hint of patriotism to your backyard is to invest in US made furniture. There are lots of benefits to buying US made products, such as helping to retain American manufacturing jobs to give the American economy a boost. It also benefits the environment, as it means that the products that you use have less air miles behind them. 

Alternatively you can build your own furniture using supplies from the US, such as twigs and branches. It is entirely possible to build your own furniture (although you may need a little help from a video tutorial!) and this gives you a second sense of pride; using something that you made yourself. If you decide you want to build your own furniture, start with a table as this tends to be slightly easier than the chairs, and then move onto the chairs once you feel a little more comfortable crafting furniture.

Embrace The National Symbol

The bald eagle has been the national emblem for the United States of America since 1782 due to its strength, power, long life and majestic appearance. The eagle is certainly very beautiful, and you can bring its grace and power to your garden by adding a cast stone eagle or a metal eagle. Both of these options are very durable, so they will be fairly weather resistant, and they look particularly striking if you put them two at each side of the entrance to your garden. This is a great way to add a little patriotism to your backyard without going over the top.

You can easily add a little patriotism to your backyard without breaking the bank. Cast stone eagles and US made furniture are both affordable additions to your garden; and if you want, you can even try making the furniture yourself (from US supplies, of course).

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JoAnn is our newest Happy Customer

Just wanted you to see why I had to have your tables. They ARE perfect!
Thank you so much for making them and getting them to me.
I'm a happy girl
JoAnn Kahn
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The Twigologist’s Twig Motorcycle Art

Gary is Twig Factory’s master builder, and he shows it by creating intricate twig art of motorcycles. It’s such an undertaking, no two sculptures are the same. This video shows you both an American cruiser and a chopper.

First we have a sculpture called “The Chief.” Its imaginative detailing includes a stick shift, leaf springs and log gas tank. Birchbark keeps the headlight bright, while reversed birchbark simulates a leather seat. This motorcycle stands steady on a wide twig pedestal and twig tires.

A Classic American Cruiser—Twig Sculpture from TwigFactory

Classic American Cruiser—Twig Sculpture from TwigFactory

We also want to show you our Cobrahead Chopper. This sculpture’s face has fangs and eyes. The front fender has a skeletal look with twigs cut at perfect angles, just like spinal cord. Unlike the cruiser, this chopper’s seat is made of twigs. Similarly, it has the stick shift, log gas tank, and branch handlebars. It stands on its own style of pedestal and twig tires.

Cobrahead Chopper—Twig Sculpture from TwigFactory

Cobrahead Chopper—Twig Sculpture from TwigFactory

We are always building new twig sculptures, so visit our Motorcycle Art page to check for new additions. Don’t forget to contact us for the most up-to-date photos of our one-of-a-kind creations.

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The Cubic Arch Garden Arbor and Wedding Bench

The Cubic Arch Garden Arbor is a romantic decor idea, great for weddings. This 3-piece twig archway consists of two square pillars and an arch. The pillars are each 72” high by 12” square; the arch is 60” wide and 24” high. Inside the archway is 36” of space. A 72” wide arbor with 48” of walking space is available as a custom order.

Cubic Arch Twig Garden Arbor from TwigFactory

The Cubic Arch Garden Arbor from TwigFactory

Since we’re on the subject of wedding decor, here is the Wedding Bench. This bench is a custom item. We ship you the bench with one layer of finish on the seat for your wedding guests to sign. We then clear coat the bench again, preserving the signatures and your memories.

We have plenty more twig garden decor ideas. Contact us for bespoke or custom orders.

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The Standard Chair and Square End Table

The Standard Chair is built to a superb standard. Watch Gary the Twigologist stand on the armrests to see how strong it is.

Standard Chair and Square End Table from TwigFactory

The Standard Chair and Square End Table look great together.

The Standard Chair has perfect measurements for comfort. Gary designed this twig chair using his expertise in upholstery dimensions and his experience with back injury patients. The front bar serves as a footrest so you can sit with with one or both feet higher. The bar adds an ergonomic function for people with back problems.

The Square End Table is a great match for our Standard Chair. The table shown is 16” square and 22” high.

Thanks for watching.

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The Twigologist’s Custom Twig Frames

Our Custom Twig Frames come in every style with imagination being the only limit. The twigs come from the riverbanks of Iowa, with other natural and recycled materials from around the world.

Rustic Twist Frame from Twig Factory

The Rustic Twist is just one example of our one-of-a-kind frames.

We build picture frames in Brazilian bull hide, birchbark, all twig, and even corrugated metal from the sides of barns. There are endless ways of displaying twigs around the frames. Because the frames are made from natural materials, each one is naturally different.

Contact us when you are ready to order a frame and we’ll send you a catalog of what we have in stock. We’ll take custom orders, too.

Thanks for watching.

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How to Remove Stubborn Stains in Wood Furniture

Remove-Stains-In-Wood-FurnitureThere is no denying that wood furniture has a certain rustic and elegant beauty about it. But once you have a stain on your favorite piece, it can seem like it ruined. That is why you need to take action to prevent unsightly stains on your favorite piece and ensure that you have properly protected it. The following tips will protect willow furniture, twig furniture and every other type of wood in between.

Water Stains

One of the worst stains that you will face on your wood is the water stain. No matter if it occurs from a spilled drink or a leak in the home, you will need to treat the spot as quickly as you notice it.

If the stain is fresh, you should be able to rub it lightly with a soft cloth to soak up the liquid. If it has already set, you take some oil furniture polish and being to apply it in a circular motion until you have rubbed out the stain. If the stain is difficult, combine some toothpaste and baking soda and rub it into the stain. Then remove the mixture and polish the piece.

Heat Marks

If your willow furniture has a heat stain on it, you might think that there is no solution. Instead, as soon as you notice the mark, generously massage mayonnaise into the spot. Then allow it to set overnight. When you are up in the morning, you can wipe the spot off with no trouble at all.

Cigarette Burns

Just like heat damage, cigarette burns on your twig furniture can be easily fixed with mayonnaise. The difference in this treatment is that you will want to add some ashes from the cigarette to the mayonnaise as you apply it. This helps to gently buff the surface and work out the spot.

Alcoholic Drink Stains

A nightmare for any piece of wooden furniture, especially twig furniture will be alcohol. This has the tendency to dissolve the finish and damage the wood quickly. As soon as you spill your drink, begin to blot it quickly and place some ammonia on the area, and then wipe it clean. You should then follow this up with some linseed oil later that can be applied to the spot for deep down care.

What you are going to find is that while they are unavoidable, furniture stains can be treated.

Looking for some great tips or options for your twig furniture or willow furniture? Consider these warnings.

Tips & Warnings

Chlorine bleach only removes the stain from the wood; it will not alter the natural color of the wood. If you want to bleach out the stain and the natural color of the wood, you’ll need to purchase a two-part product that combines hydrogen peroxide with sodium hydroxide, which is available separately or as a kit at most hardware and home improvement stores. This is applied in the same manner as chlorine bleach, including rinsing the wood with vinegar to halt the chemical reaction.

If you want to know more about rustic and twig furniture, check and contact us today!

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Country and Rustic Style: What’s the Difference and What Makes Them So Well Loved?

Whether you're living in a log cabin or a country cottage there are ways to get those great looks that you love. What's your pleasure, country or rustic and what are the elements of each that give it that title? Country and rustic decorating are very similar in style but with a few major differences. Both of them feel good and remind you of the time spent in your cabin or with grandma. Both have that age old style and comfort that just make you feel good. Elements of country decorating are used in rustic decorating at times and likewise, rustic elements slip into country styles, but the major differences that you're going to find are these: Country decorating uses a bit more frills than rustic. It is casual, warm, and cozy. If it's country, it is all about comfort and warmth. The look is neat and tidy, a little overstuffed and absolutely unexpected. Country decorating may see a chair in a corner with a small side table to give you a spot for reading, yet when the visitor sits down, the chair yields a gorgeous old china doll or a raggedy Ann for their amusement. Lots of fabrics, warmth, quilts, cross stitch and country crafting says that the look is all country. It's warm and it is welcoming and it's you. Country in the city is still country.

Cottage-Style-450x296So what's Rustic Decorating?

Rustic decorating is all about rough cut, warm woods and easy care. Rustic is at home in rustic places, such as the forest cabin or the log home. It can just as easily be at home in the city though if that's your desire and your style. Rustic decorating is as close to nature as you can get. Twig furniture and rough hewn log interiors, hard wood or plank flooring and oak beams all stand up and shout Rustic. It is, as previously mentioned at home in the middle of the prairie or the forest, but if you can't select your location, you can absolutely select your atmosphere. To get the look without the location, rustic homes are primarily unpainted, leaving a good bit of wood surface showing and using a lot of warm wood to decorate. Twig furniture, knotty pine walls and rough bark beams can say rustic and offer the feel of living in the forest right up until you step outside the door.

Where Can I Use Rough Wood Furniture?

The best part of both rustic and country decorating is that items such as twig furniture and willow furniture are equally at home in both. Rustic decor can benefit from the look and feel of wood, while the twig or willow furniture will be equally at home in country style decorating, with a cushion or two crafted from an old quilt plopped atop the chairs.

If your love is the woods, twig furniture and willow furniture are going to give you the style and the look that you love, no matter where in the world you live. Check and visit us today!

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