How To Make Your Garden Patriotic


Millions of Americans identify themselves as being patriotic; in fact, a recent study found that over 50% of Americans say that they are extremely proud to be American. If you are a patriot who wants to add some American pride to their garden, you are in the right place. From investing in quality American made furniture to embracing national symbols, there are lots of ways to make your garden more patriotic – but that isn't all. Expertly crafted wooden furniture will also look like a work of art, helping to add beauty and style to your garden.

Here are two simple ways to add some US pride to your garden.

Invest In US Made Furniture

A significant way to add a hint of patriotism to your backyard is to invest in US made furniture. There are lots of benefits to buying US made products, such as helping to retain American manufacturing jobs to give the American economy a boost. It also benefits the environment, as it means that the products that you use have less air miles behind them. 

Alternatively you can build your own furniture using supplies from the US, such as twigs and branches. It is entirely possible to build your own furniture (although you may need a little help from a video tutorial!) and this gives you a second sense of pride; using something that you made yourself. If you decide you want to build your own furniture, start with a table as this tends to be slightly easier than the chairs, and then move onto the chairs once you feel a little more comfortable crafting furniture.

Embrace The National Symbol

The bald eagle has been the national emblem for the United States of America since 1782 due to its strength, power, long life and majestic appearance. The eagle is certainly very beautiful, and you can bring its grace and power to your garden by adding a cast stone eagle or a metal eagle. Both of these options are very durable, so they will be fairly weather resistant, and they look particularly striking if you put them two at each side of the entrance to your garden. This is a great way to add a little patriotism to your backyard without going over the top.

You can easily add a little patriotism to your backyard without breaking the bank. Cast stone eagles and US made furniture are both affordable additions to your garden; and if you want, you can even try making the furniture yourself (from US supplies, of course).

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