The Cubic Arch Garden Arbor and Wedding Bench

The Cubic Arch Garden Arbor is a romantic decor idea, great for weddings. This 3-piece twig archway consists of two square pillars and an arch. The pillars are each 72” high by 12” square; the arch is 60” wide and 24” high. Inside the archway is 36” of space. A 72” wide arbor with 48” of walking space is available as a custom order.

Cubic Arch Twig Garden Arbor from TwigFactory

The Cubic Arch Garden Arbor from TwigFactory

Since we’re on the subject of wedding decor, here is the Wedding Bench. This bench is a custom item. We ship you the bench with one layer of finish on the seat for your wedding guests to sign. We then clear coat the bench again, preserving the signatures and your memories.

We have plenty more twig garden decor ideas. Contact us for bespoke or custom orders.

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